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Here's some recent stuff I did, as well as stuff done for me by others (posted with their permission, of course).

Random from Favourites

I really liked this piece. That's why it's a Favorite!

Random Favourites

Here's some other stuff that I like, from all over DA!

Random from GraphicBrat

Favorite work from one of my favorite artists, :icongraphicbrat:. He has really good ideas, not to mention his character Fumie :D

Random from Innocenttazlet

Favorite work from :iconinnocenttazzlet:'s page. A lot of her stuff looks really really good :)

Random from ShoNuff44

Favorite work from :iconshonuff44:. His stuff is just fun to look at, plus I draw his Hula-Girl character every now and then :)

Random from LordCoyote

Favorite work from :iconlordcoyote:, someone I've watched pretty much the entire time I've been here. I really like what he does :)


Loli Teki by DragoonTequila

I like the pose, and the linework appears to be getting better. There are varying line depths: thicker for outlines, and thinner ones t...

Natural Disaster (Commission for Valtrix) by yuukipink

First of all, the character looks adorable, and has a nice design and colors. They look pretty good, for the most part... and the green...

Dat Ass Shaman Machi sketch by DragoonTequila

Alright, here is what I think of it. Right off the bat, I really like the linework. It's well-done, and it's pretty detailed. The littl...

Midna adult form by Renegade-Perception

Alright, let's see if I can do this. This is a good piece, and you asked for critique, so here it is. I'm gonna try :) First of the anat...

-Elisa Masters- by Dualmask

It's been a while since I wrote a critique for something, so let's see how this one goes. The anatomy is great. I'm not familiar with t...

Three of Me by Oxdarock

It's been a while since I commented on one of your drawings, but I have been checking you out, and I do like what I'm seeing. About thi...


One-Character Sketch Commission!
Desiree - Pierced Nips! by MDFive
Valerie - Proppin' Up Boobs! by MDFive
Something With Bee by MDFive
Des-ica Rabbit by MDFive
Awesome Val! by MDFive
Cute Cute Rosie by MDFive
Want a single-character sketch? Then COME ON DOWN!

Details for Sketch Commissions: MD's Commission/Art Trade Journal! (OPEN!)
One-Character Color Drawing Commissions!
A Naughty Desiree With A Naughty Wish! by MDFive
She's Totally An Angel! by MDFive
New Bunnygirl Celeste by MDFive
A Nice Pearl in a Nice Bikini! by MDFive
Brittany S. - Cute and Busty Schoolgirl! by MDFive
High-Waisted Marie! by MDFive
Here are examples for Single-Character Color Drawings!

If you want one, here are details: MD's Commission/Art Trade Journal! (OPEN!)


MDFive has started a donation pool!
7,959 / 15,201
I need points to:
- Commission artists that take points
- Pay for a sub longer than a month

Every little bit helps, and I might pick out someone from whoever donates and draw a little something for them :)

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A sexy Desiree in sexy lingerie, as drawn by :iconinnocenttazzlet:! I like how she's drawn :)
Desiree lingeriesm by innocenttazzlet
A Hornless Valerie in a Really Cute Bikini! by MDFive
A Hornless Valerie in a Really Cute Bikini!
EDIT: Changed the name somewhat; also I retagged this post

It seems that Valerie went and got her horns removed recently, her horns as seen here: Miss Valerie Valentine's Little Secret! by MDFive

Well, that is to say, one was completely removed, and all but a small portion of the other was rid of as well. Where her heart accessory in her hair is, that's where the portion that remains is, as some clever styling (and some nail glue) holds the accessory in place, and keeps that bit of horn out of sight.

This was done so that I can draw her without her hat more. Plus, having her demon horns (mostly) removed means she can further distance herself away from her terrible, terrible mother.

Now that that's out of her way, don't she look cute in her tiny, tiny bikini?


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I've been drawing for a long time. I'm not the best, but that's why there's always practice! :)

You want me to draw for you? COME ON DOWN! But check out my Art Status, as well as the List of Stuff I Owe below.

Regardless of status, though, if I draw something for you, please be appreciative of it... or next time you get NOTHING.

Requests - Ask Me by SweetDuke
If it's a good enough idea, I'll do it, or if it involves certain characters or mine *coughValeriecough*, I'll CERTAINLY do it! HOWEVER, if you watch me, are ACTIVE on the site in general, support artists by commissioning/trading with/featuring them (i.e. CDB2), or you're just pretty fuckin' awesome (i.e. reiq, ShoNuff44), you're first in line for a request.

Also, check out my Art Request Lottery!

Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke
If I'm not busy with other things (or other stuff that's owed), I can trade with you, or I'll ask you for a trade. But two things:

- I INSIST I do my end first, and
- I don't work as fast as I used to, so my half WILL take some time.

I'll trade with just about anyone, however there will be some that don't take them at all, or have certain... rules for trades.

Commissions - Open by SweetDukePoint Commissions - Open by SweetDuke
I take points and good ol' cash money! :thumbsup:

For more details, see my general commissions journal.

Gifts - Open by SweetDuke
I'll draw your character or idea for FREE! No questions asked!

If I like your and/or your character, I'll draw it for you when I have the time. I don't do it to "kiss ass", "buy friends", or all that other noise; I do it because I like to draw for people. Also, it's nice to surprise people with gifts every now and then. If people have rules for their characters, though, I'll respect them.

Kiribans - Open by SweetDuke
Currently at 450,000! Send me a screenshot with that number, and I will draw you something (within reason). Oh, and NO CHEATERS. If I find that you cheated, you get NOTHING.





-None for now-

Something from the Art Request Lottery, but I'm not saying which one ;)

:iconagawar: - Gift - I said I would draw them something because of how awesome they made Bee here: to MDetector5 by agawaR
:iconxxcuteemmyxx: - Kiriban
:icondrifterjellybean: - Kiriban
There might be other folks, but I'm not saying who ;)

Feature Saturday - 1/24/15

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 23, 2015, 11:07 PM
  • Mood: Pride
  • Listening to: Old Pine Box - They Might Be Giants
  • Drinking: Nothing

It's time for Feature Saturday for January 24th!

I watch a LOT of people, which means there's a LOT of stuff in my inbox to get to. I can't get to everyone because of that! :(

Not only that, I also come across other artists as well, either from them visiting my page, or being told about them. I really like what they do, and not only is Feature Saturday a good way to check up on people to see what I missed, but it's also a way for people to discover other artists as well :)

That said, if you're liking what the artists listed here are doing, support them any way you can!

1. :iconjojocoso:
Half-Genie Hero: Shantae by JojocosoHooters: Frankie Foster, Pearl and  Spike by JojocosoGrojband: Mina Beff by JojocosoAdventure Time: Fionna Maid by JojocosoGoof Troop:  Stripping Peg. by Jojocoso

2. :icontanis711:
Stitches to Riches by Tanis711Winter sweater cutie challenge by Tanis711Ryoko by Tanis711Random Batman Sketch by Tanis711Princess Daisy by Tanis711

3. :iconchooy64:
After a Whole Decade All I Got Was This Lousy Cake by Chooy64While You're Busy Solving the Puzzles by Chooy64You Know It, Stranger by Chooy64Floats by Chooy64and so, boredom pinches so by Chooy64

4. :icondlnorton:
The DnD 4e Tiefling by DLNortonBettie You Say? by DLNortonBlack Ligerie by DLNortonBlue Sky Bikini by DLNortonFly Me Away by DLNorton

5. :iconcallmenano:
Emofuried Nano by callmeNanoNano 20140520b by callmeNanoNano 2014 sweater2 by callmeNanoNano 2014 bikini pulsing breasts fast by callmeNanosay hello by callmeNano

6. :iconmhedgehog21:
RD: EMS: More random bimbo doodles by mhedgehog21RD: EMS: An even bigger Neb-oo by mhedgehog21AT: Sasa by mhedgehog21RD: Robecca in a sweater by mhedgehog21RQ: Sasha Doodle by mhedgehog21

7. :iconlakehylia:
Mart Carting by LakeHyliaStackys for Sale by LakeHyliaBitching Belle by LakeHyliaPanty PFOOF by LakeHyliaDrinks-On-Me by LakeHylia

That's Feature Saturday for this week, and if YOU (or one of your friends) want to be featured for a later FS, comment below.

I think it's time that BE Lipstick made a comeback, but it'll be Patreon-only for now... What do you say about that? 

17 deviants said As long as you post it on other sites too, I don't mind... You ARE going to post it elsewhere, right? RIGHT?!?
6 deviants said Sure! I'll pony up to see Bee do that to other girls (and to get her just desserts every now and then)
3 deviants said I dunno... I think Bee is terrible, and what she does to other girls with that is wrong, wrong, WRONG! :(


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I wanted you to know that I was only 20 at that time and didn't know any better. I have learned my lesson after reading all of this and won't make that mistake ever again. Also, I happen to have a mild form of autism, so I wasn't thinking straight.
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